Calgary's Lab Coast gives away punchy lo-fi opener from new cassette release

Their name has been mistaken for Lab Coats at least once, but Calgary’s Lab Coast didn’t seem to mind: it was on a check for playing a gig.

If the free song from their newest release is any indication, though, it won’t take long before the band’s name becomes rather more recognizable. “Really Realize” has the lo-fi, slightly muddy sound of a song heard, loud, through a basement wall, and an ethereal, floating guitar lead breaks up the punchy riff and subverts the taut song structure by scrawling a little dissonance outside the lines.

It’s a great song the first time through, and an even better one thereafter. “Really Realize” is the opening tune on “Pictures on the Wall,” available on cassette and, for those who’ve already ditched their Walkmans, as an mp3 download.

Really Realize mp3

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