Lake Street Dive Tries Out New Songs at the Parlor Room


Lake Street Dive last week released “Call Off Your Dogs,” the first song from their upcoming album “Side Pony,” and that’s dandy. But the Brooklyn-via-Boston band is one of those groups whose live show is so good that it overshadows their albums. So the more interesting question is, how will the new songs sound in concert?

Pretty damn good, judging by Lake Street Dive’s performance Monday night at the Parlor Room in Northampton — an underplay to a 50-capacity room that sold out in seconds. The Parlor Room, of course, is the venue operated by Signature Sounds, the record label that released Lake Street Dive’s previous three albums. The most recent, 2013’s “Bad Self Portraits,” is the group’s (and label’s) best-seller so far, and paved the way for the band to jump to the majors with “Side Pony,” which will come out on Nonesuch.

In other words, it was an intimate gathering at the Parlor Room, where Lake Street Dive mixed in a handful of older tunes along with most of, if not all, of the new ones, and a stellar cover of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Not only is the band terrific onstage, the musicians looked like they were having a genuinely good time, and the crowd reciprocated as Lake Street Dive introduced the new jams.

There’s a strong disco-funk vibe on a few of the new songs, especially in Bridget Kearney’s basslines on “Saving All My Sinnin” and the title track to “Side Pony,” an ode to — what else? — the side pony tail. The foursome fronted by Rachael Price took bluesier rock approach on the driving “Spectacular Failure” and the soulful “Close to Me,” and dialed up the reverb on Mike Olson’s guitar for the surf-y “Hell Yeah.”

Monday’s show was among the earlier outings for the band’s new songs, and the group has a handful more dates scheduled in Boston before wrapping up for 2015. They’re back Feb. 19 with “Side Pony,” and a new tour starts Feb. 22 and stretches into April. It’s almost scary to think how effortless the new songs will sound by next summer.

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  1. November 21, 2015 at 7:00 pm

    I was beginning to give up hope that I’d ever love a band as much as when The Beatles first came out…..(yea, I’m in my 60’s))….well, LSD answered my prayers. Saw the Parlor Room show and was totally stoked, kind of like the Cavern Club experience, …up close. This is a serious group of musicians/writers who obviously enjoy each other and their fans. My wife Marie and I got to meet them backstage after the show, and they are really warm folks too. Actually, there are more comparisons to the Fabs I can make, but what I’d love to see happen now is that they go “to the “toppermost of the poppermost”!!! See ya` again gang, Bill Lettang

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