Finnish band Le Futur Pompiste ready to shed obscurity with song from new LP

Maybe it’s the “Jetsons”-style speeder effect that skitters through the song, but “Five Hundred Heartbeats” by Finnish band Le Futur Pompiste has a retro-future vibe. Sort of like watching old episodes of the “The Jetsons,” actually.

The song is the first tune on the group’s second album, a self-titled effort out Nov. 16. The sextet released its debut, “Your Stories and Your Thoughts,” in 2004. “Few people have ever had the opportunity to hear it,” says the band’s press material: “It came and went without fanfare, and then the band themselves seemed to disappear.”

In other words, life intervened, and people got jobs and started families and moved around. Guitarist Einar Ekström, the band’s primary music writer, kept plugging away, though, sending his band mates musical sketches until everyone could reconvene in 2008 to knock out basic tracks for 10 new songs in a week. Overdubs and such took another year, and now, finally, Le Futur Pompiste is back.

“Five Hundred Hearts” is a frosty-cool pop song with a bouncy beat on bass and keyboards, interspersed with snappy bursts of between-the-beats guitar. Singer Jessika Rapo sings in clear, calm tones as the speeder sound weaves its way in and out.

Like most people, apparently, we’ve never heard the first album, but the second seems like a promising place to start.

Five Hundred Heartbeats mp3

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  1. dani
    November 14, 2010 at 10:55 am

    “Your Stories and your thoughts” is one of the best S XXI records!!

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