Legendary Shack Shakers give away free song from new album, due in April

Nobody packs a wallop quite like the Legendary Shack Shakers.

First, they’re fronted by J.D. Wilkes, a harmonica-playing, raspy voiced devil who’s been known to respond to “Colonel.” Second, their no-holds-barred live shows since forming in 1998 have earned the band the “legendary” part of its name.

It’s going on three years since their last album, 2007’s “Swampblood,” but the Shack Shakers haven’t been idle: In addition to touring, they laid down 16 new songs for “Agridustrial,” which they’ll release in April on their own Colonel Knowledge label.

“Sin Eater” is reasonably representative, with howling harp, thumping bass and guitars that cut you up like a mix of dirt and broken glass.

The Legendary Shack Shakers are set to kick ass at SXSW, with a full tour to follow.

Sin Eater mp3

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