Leland Sundries courts lonesome imagery on 'Apparition'

It’s always entertaining to read the ways in which music writers attempt to avoid explaining how an artist actually sounds and resort instead to reductionist shorthand like “The Band meets Lou Reed” or “What Lou Reed would sound like if he was asked to front Tom Waits’ Mule Variations band.”

Both are descriptions of Leland Sundries, though neither really captures the essence of Brooklyn singer-songwriter Nick Loss-Eaton’s Americana band. We prefer a different kind of imagery: Loss-Eaton’s songs unfold slowly with a certain downhearted charm that calls to mind distant city skylines under leaden skies, as seen from behind a windshield.

For example, “Apparition,” from Leland Sundries’ forthcoming second EP, blends harmonica, acoustic guitar, glimmering electric fills and dusty drums with Loss-Eaton’s weary baritone as he catalogs the lonesome images that remain when a relationship disintegrates. It’s a mournful song, perfect for a gray winter day.

“Apparition” comes from “The Foundry EP,” due Feb. 21 on L’Echiquier Records.

Photo by Jennifer McManus


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