Leland Sundries Goes Riding With the King in 'Giving Up Redheads' Video

Leland Sundries leader Nick Loss-Eaton. Photo by Jennifer McManus.

In honor of what would have been Elvis Presley’s 78th birthday, Brooklyn Americana band Leland Sundries pays tribute, sort of, to the King with their new video for “Giving Up Redheads.” This version of Elvis, though, is less the king than the fool: Relvis (a Long Island Elvis impersonator named Randy Mancini) gets the runaround from his va-va-voom main lady (a burlesque dancer who goes by Vicky Sin). Things get so bad for poor Relvis that he ends up at a support group for people burned by redheads, where he finds solace, and a drink, with none other than Leland Sundries.

“Giving Up Redheads” is from Leland Sundries’ “Foundry” EP, and the song is based, loosely, on real life. “Yes, there was a hot, redheaded vixen,” singer Nick Loss-Eaton writes. “No, she was not evil, maybe just a little misguided. Yes, she’s heard the song and no, she doesn’t like it.”

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