Leonard Friend gives away indie-R&B EP 'Lynyrd Frynd'

We’ve already told you about Leonard Friend, the new musical persona New York musician Alex Feder established after getting fed up with the scene and moving to California — and you listened to his sweet booty-rattling single “Serious Music.”

Now it’s time to check out the whole EP.

“Lynyrd Frynd” (nice touch) is a 7-song collection of seriously catchy synth-soul jams. They’re sleek and smart, a little arch but full of heart, and while that rhyme was unintentional, we totally stand by it. With a clap-clap beat and high-pitched synthesizer, opener “The Whole Thing” has a glossy feel that evokes beams of light sweeping through a dark, crowded space, while “The Last Gentleman” is some kind of retro-future indie-new jack swing tune with a treated bass line and deceptively busy layers of rhythm.

He slows things way down on the impassioned plea “Mrs. Friend,” and sings with anguish over a big beat and atmospheric synths on “The Year I Die.” Like “Serious Music,” it’s, um, serious music, and it’s yours free via his website.


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