Leonard Friend changes coasts, sounds for debut EP

What happens when you pair a cross-country car trip with Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous,” the Dismemberment Plan’s “Emergency and I,” Usher’s “Confessions,” Phil Collins’ “Face Value,” the Marvin Gaye/Tammi Terrell duets and the first three records by the Time? Why, you get Leonard Friend.

It’s the new indie-R&B persona of Alex Feder, who fronted Brooklyn’s XYZ Affair until his frustration with the biz and the scene brought him THIS close to quitting music altogether. Instead, he moved from New York to L.A., and named his new project after his grandfather, who traded a budding career as a big-band saxophone player for a spot in the family’s traveling salesman operation.

All that exposition makes it fitting that Feder is introducing the world to Leonard Friend with the song “Serious Music,” which glides on a bold, slinky-as-hell bassline and bursts of big, bright synthesizers. Just try to keep that booty still while you listen. You can’t do it.

The song is from “Lynyrd Frynd EP,” his debut, which comes out in digital form Jan. 31.

Photo by Bob Jones

Serious Music

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