Ex-Shins bassist releases 7-inch with new band, Little Cuts

Time to kick off 2012 — with a piece of unfinished business from 2011. That’s right, buried in the vast recesses of our e-mail inbox, and escaping notice until now, was a link to “Plastic Disaster” by Little Cuts.

The band is the project of Dave Hernandez, the erstwhile Shins bassist, who also fronted Albuquerque punks Scared of Chaka in the ’90s. Although the song has a grainy lo-fi aesthetic and a vintage-surf sound at odds with the Shins’ gleaming indie-pop sound, the loping bass line and fuzzed-over staccato guitar part won’t sound wholly unfamiliar to fans of, say, the Shins’ 2007 album “Wincing the Night Away” (especially the songs “Pam Berry,” “Phantom Limb” and “Turn On Me”). The song has a chaotic charm, though, and it’s plenty catchy.

Rounding out the Little Cuts lineup on “Plastic Disaster” were Cops bassist Andrew Church and Old Haunts drummer Curtis James, who has since left the band (Dave Weeks, also of the Cops, replaced him). “Plastic Disaster” came out in December as a 7-inch on Dirtnap Records, and Hernandez is busy writing songs for a full-length planned for sometime in 2012.

Little Cuts “Plastic Disaster” by 230MP3

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