Lloyd Cole teams with son for duo shows in Northampton

Although he’s been releasing albums over the past few years, it seems like English singer Lloyd Cole has been flying under the radar: the last release that got much attention was 2006’s excellent “Antidepressant,” though his 2010 album “Broken Record” did well in Sweden and Germany. (Listen to samples of the album here.)

Now he’s starting to pump up his profile here, too: the Easthampton, Mass., resident has teamed with his 19-year-old son William for a series of four duo performances, including a pair of shows June 9-10 at the Elevens in Northampton.

“The hope is that Will’s youth and playing style bring something fresh and vibrant to my show,” Cole says in a press release. “The worry is I have to stand next to someone who looks better than I did 30 years ago. We may need special lighting.”

Such modesty! Regardless, fans of Cole, who fronted the Commotions for five years in the ’80s, are more likely to spend time giving thanks for the chance to see him than to nitpick about the lighting, which is pretty murky in the Elevens anyway.

Photo by Paul Shoul

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