Lonely Drifter Karen gives away 'Comet' from new LP, 'Poles'

There’s a good chance if you’re an American that Lonely Drifter Karen has escaped your notice so far, but not to worry: the pan-European band’s new album seems like an excellent introduction.

“Poles” is the third album from the band, which calls Brussels home and consists of Austrian singer /guitarist Tanja Frinta, Spanish keyboardist/arranger Marc Melià Sobrevias and French guitarist & multi-instrumentalist Clément Marion, along with various percussionists. The group makes low-key pop music that blends analog electronics with synthy-sounding guitars on songs with subtle hooks that snag on and hold you fast.

“Comet,” the free song from “Poles,” an album with a space theme, features gurgling synth over a taut guitar arpeggio and vocoder vocals, for a sound that’s sort of futuristic ’80s. Nice work, Lonely Drifter Karen. (You can also hear “Three Colors Red” here.) The album is out now on the Belgian label Crammed.


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