Portlands's Lost Lander gives away beautiful free song

If one of the marks of a thriving music scene is bands sharing members, Matt Sheehy might be a music scene all by himself. The singer, songwriter and guitarist fronted the Menders, was half of the Alaska “power duo” Gravity & Henry, played with former Menomena keyboardist/vocalist Brent Knopf in Ramona Falls and released a solo album.

Now Sheehy is back with his latest project, Lost Lander, a new band featuring songs by Sheehy and production by Knopf on “DRRT,” the group’s debut. The pair mostly worked on the songs together, with stunning results on tunes as atmospheric and textured as the Pacific Northwest landscape whence it comes. The free song, “Cold Feet,” layers synthesizers and vocals (which sometimes blend into each other) over a steady, sturdy beat that ebbs and flows through the song, and adds chiming accents on guitar. It’s breathtaking.

“DRRT” is due soon, the band says, and whatever that means, it’s not soon enough.

Cold Feet mp3

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