Lubec hones lo-fi ‘sculpt-rock' sound on super-catchy free song from debut EP

Something’s a-brewing in Virginia: from the same Richmond scene that launched White Laces comes Lubec, in all its trashy lo-fi glory.

The quartet calls it “sculpt-rock,” meaning that all those hisses and echoes and fuzzed-over guitars are an integral part of the band’s pell-mell pop swagger.

It sure works well on “Your Magic Wand,” the free song from Lubec’s debut EP, “Nothing is Enough,” recorded on a tobacco farm and due Jan. 18 on Richmond label Acme Thunderer. The song is a poppy, off-the-rails little gem awash in scuzzy guitar and ultra-bright piano, and once it latches on, it doesn’t let go.

Your Magic Wand mp3

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