Lydia Loveless knocks you flat with 'Can't Change Me'

Confession: We were all set to hash out some clever line about getting her name mixed up with Lydia Lunch or Linda Lovelace, but the truth of the matter is that Lydia Loveless is just too damn good to mess with. Barely 21 with a voice that’s powerful far beyond her years, the Ohio native delivers a combination of whiskey-grit and volatile heartache that will knock you flat on your ass.

She cites influences ranging from Hank Williams to Britney Spears, but forget what she listens to and let’s talk about what she sounds like. Her 2010 album, “The Only Man,” was a rootsy, countrified affair, a sound she punks up considerably on her latest, “Indestructible Machine.” The free song, “Can’t Change Me,” is packed full of raw guitars just scraping for a broken cue stick barroom fight, and she sings with seen-it-all defiance that is riveting.

And even though “Loveless” is her real last name we know it’s not predictive, because we’re smitten already.

“Indestructible Machine” is due Sept. 13 on Bloodshot.

Photo by Paula Masters Travis

Can’t Change Me mp3

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