Ex-Junior Senior guy resurfaces with Make Out, imparts important lesson about friendship on debut single

Junior Senior was a bunch of kooky up-tempo fun early in the ’00s, but all those sexually ambiguous hijinks came to an end in 2008 when the Danish pop duo split. Not to worry: Junior, aka Jesper Mortensen, is back with singer Leah Hennessey in the band Make Out.

Based in New York, the duo (which plays live with a drummer identified only as “Chase”), has just released the high-energy single “You Can’t Be Friends With Everyone,” a taut two minutes of rollicking garage rock guitars laced with gurgling synths, and a sweet key change toward the end.

And while it’s true you can’t be friends with everyone, this video, rife with shoplifting and mayhem, suggests Make Out might have trouble being friends with anyone.

Photo by Max Lakner

You Can’t Be Friends With Everyone from MAKE OUT on Vimeo.

You Can’t Be Friends With Everyone by MAKE OUT

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