Toronto's Mantler gives away mp3 from 'Monody,' his first album in 6 years

We’re honestly not sure what to think about Mantler. It’s either the cheesiest music ever, or totally awesome. Either way, we’re fascinated.

Mantler is the musical project of Toronto’s Chris A. Cummings, who’s developed something of a reputation over three albums for fastidious production on songs that triangulate, sort of, rock, funk and smooth jazz.

He’s back April 13 with “Monody,” his first album since 2004’s “Landau.” There’s a lot happening on the record, which was produced mostly by Zack G. (and, on two tracks, including the one below, Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys): there’s guitar, plenty of weird little keyboard parts and low-key horns, all pushed along by bass and drums.

It sometimes calls to mind the music that accompanies introspective scenes in ’70s blaxploitation films, though the free song, “Fresh and Fair,” rides a funk bass line that’s almost embarrassingly lush, with various keyboards adding texture to Cummings’ drowsy vocals. It’s hypnotic, in a way we’re not sure we can fully explain.

Fresh and Fair mp3

Photo by Steve Gullick

  2 comments for “Toronto's Mantler gives away mp3 from 'Monody,' his first album in 6 years

  1. April 15, 2010 at 4:17 pm

    Only two tracks on the album were produced by Jeremy Greenspan. Most of the songs were produced by Zack G. You would know this if you glanced at the back of the abum

  2. Listen, Dammit
    April 15, 2010 at 4:26 pm

    Oops, meant to fix that before. Credit is now properly given where it’s due. Sorry for the mix-up.

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