Marissa Nadler sees sun, thinks of you, on new free song

It’s been an excellent year so far for music, and Marissa Nadler’s new song is one of the most striking examples.

The Boston “dream-folk” singer writes rustic, hazy songs (the soft, warm light in the photo above looks the way her music sounds) with vivid melodies, never more so than on “The Sun Always Reminds Me of You,” the third song on her forthcoming self-titled album.

Nadler sings in a drowsy alto, backed by acoustic guitar, a low melodic bass line and beautiful, sweeping steel guitar lines so full they lend the song an almost orchestral air. Frankly, the song is so good it’s hard to stop listening to it to hear the rest of the album, which is due June 14 on her own Box of Cedar Records.

The Sun Always Reminds Me of You (via Soundcloud)

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