Maritime celebrates release of fourth LP, 'Human Hearts,' with full-album stream

We are exceedingly pleased to present, streaming in its entirety, “Human Hearts,” the latest album from Maritime.

The Milwaukee band’s fourth LP, and first for Dangerbird, is an urgent album bursting with hooky melodies and vivid, vibrant guitars sweeping through (mostly) compact tunes. There’s an epic quality to songs like “Paraphernalia” and “Out Numbering,” and a grittier, closer-to-the-ground sensibility on opener “It’s Casual” and “Faint of Hearts,” which unfolds at a more casual pace.

Former members of the Promise Ring and Dismemberment Plan formed Maritime in 2003, and released an EP and three LPs between 2003-07. “Human Hearts” is the band’s first release since 2007.

Listen below, and buy your very own copy right here.

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