Mean Jeans ask, 'Anybody Out There,' on new free single

There’s pop-punk, and then there’s party-punk. Portland, Ore., band Mean Jeans prefers the latter description of the trio’s music.

Makes sense to us, after bopping around all afternoon to “Anybody Out There,” the free song from the band’s forthcoming new album on Dirtnap. The tune is a total party, which is not to say it lacks for pop punch: with fast chugging guitars and oh-woah-oh vocals, it’s catchy as hell, and Mean Jeans dials in just the right amount of insolence to make it stick.

The album, “On Mars,” is the first Mean Jeans release to feature such non-standard punk instruments as acoustic guitar, keyboards, drum machines, macaroni boxes (for percussion) and empty Jaeger bottles. Actually, that last one probably is pretty standard. “On Mars” is due April 17, though you can get an early taste of the songs when Mean Jeans plays SXSW (and a handful of other dates) before then.

Anybody Out There

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