Megafaun offers free tune from 6-song 'mini-LP' 'Heretofore,' due in September

When Justin Vernon left DeYarmond Edison to write tear-out-your-guts indie-folk songs as Bon Iver, the rest of the band regrouped to become Megafaun.

They’ve kept busy, releasing two albums and spending plenty of time on the road. Instead of taking a break this year, the trio spent a week in January writing new songs, then immediately began recording them.

The results of their winter recording session — in a genuwine recording studio, for the first time in the band’s career — are six roots-soaked Americana songs comprising “Heretofore,” the band’s forthcoming “mini-LP.” (Used to be, a mini-LP was known as an EP. But whatever.)

Megafaun is giving away Track 4, “Volunteers,” a languid, summery tune featuring sighing acoustic slide guitar and a slow-rolling banjo line over close vocal harmonies.

“Heretofore” is due Sept. 14 on Hometapes.

Volunteers mp3

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