Brooklyn's Milagres re-releases 'Seven Summits' LP, gives away free track

Not to brag, but Listen, Dammit, knew how to pronounce “Milagres” before seeing the pronunciation guide on the band’s MySpace page (“mih-la-grace” — a variation on the Spanish word for “miracles”).

Formerly known as the Secret Life of Sofia, the Brooklyn group changed its name and indulged in singer Kyle Wilson’s obsession with mountain climbing for its latest album, “Seven Summits.” The record is, in fact, a little miracle of melancholy, artfully arranged songs, some of which zip speedily along while others simmer quietly.

“Outside” is in the latter category, with spare fingerpicked acoustic guitar and skeletal drums framing Wilson’s dry, drowsy voice, which falls into close harmonies on the refrain.

The band has just re-released “Seven Summits” while it works on a new album due later this year.

Outside mp3

Photo by Eric Schwortz

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