Mirror Lady relocates from Boston to L.A., gives away mp3

“Simple pop songs” and “Berklee College of Music” don’t usually go together, given that Berklee is more often a place where dudes with monster chops are intent on making sure you KNOW they have monster chops. Mirror Lady avoids that temptation on “Roman Candles,” the free song from their forthcoming EP.

Formed at Berklee when T.J. Petracca and Sean Robinson began recording in the former’s dorm room, the pair moved from Boston to the Silver Lake section of Los Angeles, a more fitting locale where they added drummer Taylor Pile and honed their dreamy, lo-fi pop sound. “Roman Candles” finds airy guitar drifting slowly over steady drums and a stately bass line, with what sounds like a gently pulsing keyboard deep in the background. Nice.

Mirror Lady’s self-titled EP is due in February.

Roman Candles

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