Portland band Monarques makes 'magic' via vintage-style pop on self-titled EP

Generally speaking, Listen, Dammit, finds Garrison Keillor’s smirking, folksy shtick irritating as hell, but we totally agree with the host of “A Prairie Home Companion” about Monarques.

The Portland, Ore., band — a new project of Josh Spacek, formerly of Oh Captain, My Captain — beat out four other groups in a battle of the bands sponsored by “A Prairie Home Companion,” and Keillor described Monarques’ performance as “magic.”

The group gave its first performance last year, but you’d be forgiven for thinking that Monarques was much, much older: the band plays upbeat, super-catchy music with bright guitars and vocal harmonies that would have fit nicely into the pop style of the late ’50s and early ’60s.

Listen to their self-titled EP below. Like what you hear? Then grab it for free.

Photo by James Luce

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