Moonlight Bride finds striking balance between melody and noise on new 'Twin Lakes' EP

Maybe Moonlight Bride is one of those under-the-radar bands that’s ready to break in 2012. They should be one of those bands, if killer songs are any measure.

The Chattanooga band’s new EP, “Twin Lakes” (out Feb. 28), is just five tracks long, but they’re five thrilling tracks, spacious and bold with bursts of noise shattering glimmering, downhearted melodies on opener “Diego,”  grinding like the machines on a factory floor during third shift on “Versinthe” or roiling just beneath the surface on “Drug Crimes,” as reverb-soaked vocals drift through a hazy wash of synthesizers, guitar and bass.

“Lemonade” brings it all together in one lush package, full of tarnished guitar jangle, dreamy vocals and noise that builds into a huge, shuddering wall by the end of the tune.

Moonlight Bride has a handful of tour dates around the southeast between now and SXSW, where the band is slated to perform.


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