Morning Claws streams song from forthcoming debut EP

Earlier this year, we told you about Morning Claws, a Belfast electro-pop band whose music demonstrated impressive depth, at least on the quintet’s first single, “Slack Magic.”

The group has not been idle since then. In addition to opening for Twin Sister and Gold Panda, the fivesome found time to record “Pet Storms, Ancient Clouds,” a 6-song EP due Dec. 5. Morning Claws is streaming “Fight for Your Friends,” a song less electro than flat-out epic, with a towering column of swirling electric guitar, atmospheric keyboards and downbeat male-female vocals. It’s a huge-sounding tune, fit to be heard in vast spaces.

If you happen to be in Belfast, you can score a copy of the EP Dec. 1 when Morning Claws peforms at the Menagerie. Otherwise, well, Dec. 5 isn’t so far off.

Fight For Your Friends by morningclaws

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