Most Powerful Telescope in the Universe repairs to woodsy cabin, emerges with pysch-pop jams

If you put a bunch of guys into moody psych-pop in a cabin in the woods and told them to write songs, what would they come up with? Thanks to the Most Powerful Telescope in the Universe, we now have an answer.

The Cincinnati band makes an annual pilgrimage to some cabin somewhere, and spends the weekend writing and recording new songs. This year, they’re giving away the results, a two-song single featuring “Lectures on Quanta” b/w “Death in the Trees.”

The former rides a glowering bassline that opens into gloomy minor-key guitar, buzzy synthesizers and quiet vocals. The latter features dimly chiming guitars, layers of ghostly vocals and mellotron, for a spooky, rustic effect. Not bad for a couple days off the grid (well, not the power grid, maybe), and both songs are available for free.


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