Philip Glass collaborators My Great Ghost preview EP with pair of free songs

There’s no denying the influence minimalist composer Philip Glass has had on electronic music, though perhaps never quite in the way he’s informed the music of My Great Ghost. The New York duo features producer Trevor Gureckis, who happens to be Glass’ studio assistant; and singer Drew Smith, who works at Glass’ publishing company. They met, of course, through Glass.

They’ve also recorded a self-titled EP, which they’re previewing with a pair of free songs. “Plain Sight” features an austere, thudding beat underpinning subtle guitar and layers of atmospheric synthesizers intertwining with Smith’s vocals. Smith’s vocals are more treated on “Photograph,” which pulls more from ’80s synth-pop in sound and style, unspooling from its low-key start to encompass a huge, clattering rhythm part, deep bass and colorful, kaleidoscopic vocals.

Bonus: The 5-song EP, out July 10, also includes a cover of Deerhunter’s “Helicopter.”


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