Enigmatic Mystery Pills gives away 'The Glass Traditions'

In the ranks of unhelpful press bios, Mystery Pills’ ranks right up there: “For a few years he moved around the country, ate some food and learned all kinds of important stuff.” So coy! But at least he was eating.

The “he” in question is Raj Dawson, a South Dakota native and Virgo (we’re reliably informed that he also has brown eyes), and his song “The Glass Traditions” is excellent in inverse proportion to his press bio. He plays a lean, chugging guitar riff over a bare-bones beat, and sings in a voice that is intensely riveting. The song is beautifully written ā€” the way he adds and subtracts instruments throughout is masterful ā€” and sounds more like the work of a deeply collaborative band than the creation of just one guy.

“The Glass Traditions” is the opening track on Mystery Pills’ forthcoming self-titled EP, to be self-released March 13.

The Glass Traditions

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