Trio Natural Child turns stoner ethos into loud, loose rock 'n' roll on free mp3

The whole 4/20-is-for-weed thing is the dumbest thing ever: have you ever met a pothead who needs an excuse to get baked? All the same, it’s fitting that Nashville trio Natural Child released its debut that day.

The band has a certain stoner charm, sounding high as a kite as it shambles through garagey songs on “1971” (released on JEFF the Brotherhood’s Infinity Cat label).

You can almost see their shit-eating grins on free song “Yer Birthday” as they deliver lines like, “I’d rather be dead than 25,” slide guitar slipping around around over a shambling chord progression that owes a debt to the Rolling Stones circa “Let It Bleed.”

Although Natural Child promises plenty of tour dates, they’ve only announced a handful so far:

Jun. 2 – Bloomington, IN – the Bishop Bar and Venue
Jun. 3 – Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle
Jun. 4 – Detroit, MI – The Lager House
Jun. 6 – Cleveland, OH – Now That’s Class
Jun. 7 – Philadelphia, PA – The Ox
Jun. 8 – Brooklyn, NY – Death By Audio

Yer Birthday mp3

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