Atlanta pysch-rockers The N.E.C. turn lo-fi into noisy stream of consciousness

It’s often a bad sign when musicians talk about their music in the context of expanding their (or your) consciousness, but the Natural Extension Concept makes it work.

Led by singer and guitarist Cyrus Shahmir, the Atlanta psych-rockers, known more conveniently as N.E.C., claims to triangulate punk, prog and avant-garde, and the free song from their recent album, “Is,” makes a strong case.

“Those (Guilty Pleasures)” opens with a propulsive beat driving noisy guitars and vocals awash in reverb, with a surprisingly catchy melody cutting through the din. The cacophony abruptly cuts out two-thirds of the way through, when the track becomes a spacey collection of echoing instruments and atmospheric background sounds that fade out as the song finishes. Trippy!

“Is” came out late last year on Double Phantom Records.

Those (Guilty Pleasures) mp3

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