Neil Holyoak Is Set Adrift on Wistful ‘Sidereal Sunrise’


It’s a powerful image: “You spin me ’round like a ship gone down in the Baltic Sea,” Neil Holyoak sings in his new song “Sidereal Sunrise. “And now all drowned men are a part of me.” That’s love for you.

The song, from Holyoak’s upcoming album “Rags Across the Sun,” is built around a crumbly guitar line, a vocal melody that verges on high-lonesome and mournful backing vocals from Tamara Sandor. It’s lovely, wistful¬†and hypnotic, with faint echoes of Okkervil River or even Neutral Milk Hotel.

“Rags Across the Sun” is the fifth full-length¬†release from Holyoak, a Los Angeles musician now based in Montreal. The album is due Sept. 9.

  1 comment for “Neil Holyoak Is Set Adrift on Wistful ‘Sidereal Sunrise’

  1. Coco
    August 27, 2014 at 2:58 pm

    Moody bitter sweet poetry. A little bit New Order, a little bit Radiohead. A lot of brain.

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