Neverever streams abrasively catchy song 'Wedding Day'

We have no idea what the hell they’re talking about in the press bio for Neverever, but we’ll give a listen to anything on Slumberland. Our faith was rewarded: Even obtuse rambling about “Sacred Symbols of the Ancients” and “sugar empire heirs” can’t derail “Wedding Day,” the abrasively catchy free song from Neverever’s forthcoming EP, “Shake-A-Baby.”

The group piles scabrous guitar atop loose-limbed rhythm, all in service of Jihae Wallace’s vocals, which draw from classic girl-group pop and add a healthy dose of gum-cracking insolence. The ebb-and-flow melody reminds us a little of the Strokes’ “Someday,” and the guitar reminds us of taking a Skil Saw to a piece of sheet metal, in a good way.

The EP, due Jan. 17, follows up the foursome’s 2010 LP debut, “Angelic Swells.”

Neverever – Wedding Day by Slumberland Records

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