The New Loud lives up to its name in concert and on free mp3, 'Don't Dance'

Sometimes a name says it all: The New Loud was, it seems, too loud for New York City. The Milwaukee, Wis., trio was only a few songs into its set at Wicked Willy’s during CMJ in October when the cops showed up to shut down the show.

It was just one mishap in what sounds like a bummer of a trip, but the band remains undaunted enough to give away a song from its debut EP, “Can’t Stop Not Knowing,” due Feb. 23. The song, “Don’t Dance,” is twitchy and relentless, driven by a speedy rhythm and swaths of candy-colored synthesizers over popping bass and boisterous vocals.

The EP also includes a cover of Radiohead’s “2+2=5.”

Don’t Dance mp3

(Photo by Nancy Aguilar)

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