Nice Purse gives away catchy single from forthcoming 'Black Medal' LP

Sometimes those people you see busking cover songs on street corners have original tunes, too. In fact, that’s how Nice Purse got its start: singer and songwriter France Camp got bored of playing covers and started writing his own songs.

Childhood friend Ian Davis liked what he heard when Camp e-mailed him a few songs, and they teamed up, enlisting pals Elise Pow and Dylan Nylander soon after.

With a new LP on the way, the quartet is giving away “Heart Medley,” a gentle, effervescent pop song that bobs along on acoustic guitar, simple drums and wistful unison vocals. The record, “Black Medal” (awesome title), is due Aug. 10 on SoTM, which also released an excellent EP by fellow Minneapolis trio Total Babe.

Heart Medley mp3

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