Nick Jaina previews sixth LP with 'Don't Come to Me' mp3

Photo by Talia Gordon

When Nick Jaina isn’t busy composing ballets — three of them so far — or writing music for film and the dramatic stage, he’s making deft albums full of smart, catchy chamber-pop songs like “Don’t Come to Me.” It’s from Jaina’s forthcoming sixth album, “Primary Perception,” which is due April 16 on the evocatively named Fluff and Gravy records.

“Don’t Come to Me” is a lush song, wrapping sinewy guitar lines around swells of synthesizers, cascades of tinkling piano and Jaina’s vocals, which are pleasant and tuneful. If the song isn’t enough to tide you over until “Primary Perception” is out, there’s always the Portland, Ore., musician’s back catalog: “A Bird in the Opera House” and “The Beanstalks That Have Brought Us Here Are Gone” (which features contributions from Laura Gibson, Jolie Holland and more) are excellent albums.

Don’t Come to Me mp3

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