First listen: Nick Jaina previews new album with free song, 'Sleep Child'

For his last album, 2008’s “A Narrow Way,” Nick Jaina gathered 10 musicians in a studio and recorded all the songs live to tape.

The Portland, Ore., singer and songwriter takes the opposite tack on his new record, “A Bird in the Opera House,” due April 13 on Hush Records. It’s a carefully considered affair, more polished but not fussy.

There’s plenty of open space on these dozen folk-pop tunes, including, in Jaina’s words, “Songs about the most famous fruit vendor in the world, the most beautiful town in California, the best place to find a hotel in Cincinnati. Also, more songs about girls.”

Listen, Dammit, is exceedingly pleased to offer you first listen to “Sleep Child,” the fourth song on the album. With thumping drums and a metronomic up-and-down guitar riff, it’s intensely rhythmic, but without sacrificing melody. Jaina’s voice is tuneful and just a little worn, lending the song a vibrant intimacy that grows stronger the more you listen.

Sleep Child mp3

(Photo by Melanie Brown)

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