Norfolk and Western confirms hiatus while band members pursue art, and other music projects

Portland chamber-folk band Norfolk and Western hasn’t called it quits, exactly, but maybe don’t wait around for new music fr0m the group.

“Norfolk and Western has been dormant for a couple of years now,” singer Adam Selzer writes in a newsletter sent out early Friday morning. “I honestly don’t know if we’ll record or play anymore shows in the future but I guess I’m not ready to say never.”

Seems the various members of the band are busy with other projects: Selzer is now part of the Alialujah Choir, which releases its self-titled debut Feb. 14. Drummer/singer/multi-instrumentalist Rachel Blumberg is focusing on visual art, and recording music under the name Arch Cape, and bassist Dave Depper has been playing in other bands, including the Fruit Bats, and, for some reason, doing a complete re-creation of Paul McCartney’s album “Ram.”

Anyway, though Norfolk and Western has no plans to release any new music, there’s plenty of old music to enjoy. The band’s 2009 release, “Dinero Severo,” is available here on LP and CD. “The Unsung Colony,” “A Gilded Age” and “Dusk in Cold Parlours” are available here on CD, and you can grab the first two here on vinyl.

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