Orchestral-pop duo Olney Clark gives away two mp3s from self-titled debut

At the risk of sounding earnest in a world full of irony (so uncool), we dare you not to get swept away by the opening bars of “Tea and Thunderstorms” by Olney Clark, an orchestral-pop duo comprising Grant Olney and Barry DeBakey.

The song starts with the crash of a resonant cymbal that sets in motion a baroque string arrangement that intertwines with gluey guitar. Somebody sings in resigned tones with a tuneful voice, and the tune just sort of drifts by, elegiac in its way, but a little hopeful, too.

It’s from Olney Clark’s self-titled debut, out next week on Friendly Police UK (pre-order it here). The pair wrote the songs on the album in the midst of Olney’s doctoral program in algorithmic algebraic geometry in Edinburgh, Scotland (because nothing says fuckin’ rock ‘n’ roll like algebraic geometry), and DeBakey’s relocation from Los Angeles to Texas following the deaths of his father and grandfather.

They’re giving away “Tea and Thunderstorms,” along with another slightly spikier song, “Josefin the Writer.”

Tea and Thunderstorms mp3
Josefin the Writer mp3

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