Garage-rock duo the Pack A.D. brings fuzzy riffs, knife-point attitude on mp3

Cool bands often come with cool back stories, and the Canadian duo the Pack A.D. is one of them.

Singer and guitarist Becky Black was working in a gas station in East Vancouver, so the story goes, where she met drummer Maya Miller, who declines to say what she was doing (though the pair’s press bio mentions something about a call center and cruise ships).

Anyway, somehow they got to talking, which soon resulted in a band dedicated to the pursuit of loud, raw garage rock with a bluesy tint and a knife-point attitude. It’s huge and awesome on “Crazy,” the first song from the Pack A.D.’s forthcoming third release, “We Kill Computers,” due April 27 on Mint Records.

Naturally, they’ll be at SXSW, which is just part of an extensive spring tour. This page isn’t fully updated yet, but check back for local listings.

Crazy mp3

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