Pandercakes gives away track from 'Paint By Numbers' EP

You’d be forgiven for thinking that “Pandercakes” was some kind of breakfast fund-raiser tailored to the endless and comically demoralizing GOP primary, but actually, it’s an eclectic South Carolina pop quartet that recently put out a debut EP.

Formed by Joel Floyd and Logan Goldstein, then expanded to include Desirée Richardson and Phillip Soellner (no word on who the cat is), the group released its “Paint By Numbers” EP at the end of February. The title track somehow combines “rollicking” with “twee” in a way that’s both super catchy and gleefully upbeat, like grinning in a flower-strewn meadow full of rainbows and punk rock.

Although Pandercakes isn’t making fun of politicians, the band did intend the name to send a message. According to a press bio, “Pandercakes is a comment on the duality of popular music: appealing and accessible, but prone to demean itself in order to gain widespread approval.”

“Paint By Numbers” doesn’t sound to us like it’s demeaning itself, but you can be the judge: you can download the song here, or listen to/buy the EP, which is embedded below.

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