Icelandic sister-duo Pascal Pinon shows knack for lo-fi indie-folk on free single

We don’t subscribe, exactly, to the old saw about children being seen and not heard, but it’s pretty unusual to find kids whose music is really and truly worth hearing. In fact, until now, Smoosh was about all that came to mind.

Pascal Pinon seems likely to join them.

The Icelandic duo, comprising 16-year-old twin sisters Halla and Kristin, shows a knack for spidery, lo-fi indie-folk with close harmonies on “New Beginning,” the free single from their self-titled debut.

It’s one of the English-language numbers from the record, which also includes songs sung in Icelandic, inspired by nature, Icelandic poet Davíd Stefánsson and, of course, Harry Potter. It’s not childlike music, though, so much as music with a sense of wonder.

Photo by Lilja Birgisdóttir

New Beginnings mp3

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