Penny Hill brings songs out of bedroom with 'Unbutton Your Heart' cassette

A lot of people write songs in their bedrooms when no one else is listening, but most of them aren’t writing songs as good as Penny Hill’s.

It’s the musical alter-ego of Hilary Pitchlynn, who eventually ventured out of her room and onto stages in her hometown of Norman, Okla., where she caught the attention of more established musicians on the local scene. Performing soon led to recording, and Penny Hill last week released “Unbutton Your Heart,” an honest-to-goodness cassette release via Shanty Town Records Tape Club.

Single “Salem” adorns her acoustic strumming with piano, gusts of electric guitar and brushed percussion as Pitchlynn sings in an earthy, expressive voice with a hint of melancholy. Catch her on tour through early April.

Salem mp3

(Photo by Sarah Eileen Warmker)

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