Singer-songwriter Pete RG gives away a song per month

Jonathan Coulton and Thunderegg already did the single-a-week thing all the way back in 2005. Pete RG is in less of a hurry.

The singer and songwriter, formerly of the indie-pop band Last December, is releasing a new single at the statelier pace of one a month. If they’re all as well-constructed as his latest, “Times,” we’re happy to afford him all the, er, time he needs.

Known to his creditors as Peter Argyropoulos, Pete RG began writing songs for a solo project after Last December’s 2007 record, “Hailstorm.” Those songs have begun trickling out as part of his monthly song project, which he began in May. “Times” is a reflective acoustic song, RG picking out notes on guitar as he sings in a warm, resonant voice.

Listen to the song here, and find previous entries here. And for good measure, here’s a video for the song “Alone.” (Psst: that cute bartender digs you!)

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