Sock Puppets try 'The Dating Game' in New Piney Gir Video

What would “The Dating Game” look like if it were played by sock puppets? Why, it would look an awful lot like the new video for Piney Gir’s song “Outta Sight.” In this handmade re-imagining, we see Piney’s puppet go on three pretty lackluster dates with would-be beaus (she ends up paying for one, and getting barfed on in another). Whom does she chose at the end? You’ll have to watch to find out. “Outta Sight” is the opening song on Piney Gir’s new album, “Geronimo!” And who, you may ask, is Piney Gir? She’s Angela Penhaligon, a singer and songwriter who has broken away from her strict Pentacostal upbringing in Kansas to create catchy, hummable indie-pop tunes in London (or, in the case of “Geronimo!” in Los Angeles with producer Rob Campanella).

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