Plates of Cake singer Jonathan Byerley readies solo LP with catchy, austere free song

It’s common music-biz shorthand: “This record sounds like so-and-so meets whats-his-name.” Still, hearing Jonathan Byerley described as “Mark Knopfler meets Bob Dylan” got our attention, and the comparison is dead-on.

Byerley, a Colorado native transplanted to Brooklyn, where he fronts Plates of Cake, has a new solo record on the way, which he’s previewing with the irresistible tune “I Still Pull the Silver (From the Penny Drawer).” The the austere acoustic guitar, bone-dry brushed drums and Byerley’s bemused, murmuring vocals will loop through your frontal lobe all day long, especially when he gets to the “do-doot-do-do-doot” part of the refrain.

The song is from “Catherine Market,” which is due July 10 on La Société Expéditionnaire.


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