Polyamorous Affair gives away hypnotic new song 'Bright One' from third album

We hear a lot of songs at Listen, Dammit, but few are as immediately striking as “Bright One” by the Polyamorous Affair.

The song is from “Strange Bedfellows,” the latest album from the nomadic duo, which currently splits time between Copenhagan and Berlin.

What’s most striking to our ears is the contrast between the glossy, almost chilly (and unfailingly catchy) synthesizer part that twists through the song, the ’80s-Bowie funk guitar riff and singer Eddie Chacon’s murmury, crooning vocals steeped in just enough reverb to give a sense of space. It’s sort of hypnotic.

“Strange Bedfellows” came out this week.

Bright One mp3

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