Portland's Priory gives away indie-pop songs with electro edge from new self-titled debut LP

The Portland, Ore., band Priory comes billed as a indie-pop/electronic-folk group, which probably raises as many questions as it answers. So let’s elaborate: the band makes catchy songs balanced between the usual rock ‘n’ roll instruments and electronic bass and keyboard parts.

The result is a batch of atmospheric, highly listenable pop tunes on the quartet’s self-titled full-length debut, which came out last week on Expunged Records.

Priory is giving away a pair of tunes from the record. The vocal cadence and keyboard riff on the first, “Lady of Late,” reminds us of Modest Mouse, if Isaac Brock loved electro tracks and had a narrower misanthropic streak. The other, “Kings of Troy,” comes with chiming keyboards over chugging bass and sinewy guitar lines. Like glue, it’s strong stuff.

Photo courtesy of Expunged Records

Lady of Late mp3
Kings of Troy mp3

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