London band Pull In Emergency evokes '90s indie-rock on song from debut LP

Nothing’s new under the sun, trends are cyclical, blah blah blah. All the same, if you came of musical age in the ’90s, it’s a little weird to hear young bands in 2010 citing those years as an influence.

English group Pull In Emergency is one such band, and they really make it work on “Everything Is the Same.”

With fuzzed-over bass and serrated guitars butting heads while front woman Faith Barker sings a stick-in-your head melody in a voice at once tough and tuneful, the free song from the quintet’s forthcoming self-titled debut owes a little to, say, Pavement and a little to Superchunk. Despite the influences, the tune retains a bristling charm all its own, and it’s just ramshackle enough to be utterly beguiling,

Produced by Gordon Raphael (the Strokes, Regina Spektor), “Pull In Emergency” is due this fall on Mute.

Everything Is the Same mp3

Photo by Nick Pomeroy

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