Quiet Americans go on noisy journey to 'Weird Mountain'

Achieving the right measure of chaos in a rock song is an art form: too much and you sound like shit. Too little and who cares? When you get it just right, though, it’s electric and thrilling. The Quiet Americans hit the mark on “Weird Mountain,” a song from a cassette-only EP the Fresno, Calif., band released last year.

The tune is an anarchic rocker crammed full of abrasive electric guitar riffs and a cacophony of drums, with unintelligible vocals cutting through the din until about the 2-minute mark, when things get really crazy and the song turns into some kind of psychedelic breakdown that has to be the sonic equivalent of getting whipped with nettles in an echo chamber. In other words, it’s awesome. (Check out the EP, “Medicine,” here.)

The Quiet Americans, who are anything but quiet, formed in 2010 when singer/guitarist Luke Giffen and drummer Eli Reyes got together. They’ve since added Simon Smeds on bass, and Steve Loveless on organ. There’s no word yet on the band’s plans for 2012, but hopefully they won’t deviate too much from the things bands do — namely, touring and recording.

Weird Mountain

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