Quiet Life Prep New Album With Trip to Coast in 'San Luis Obispo'


They couldn’t quite do this in Connecticut: Former New London band Quiet Life hits the California coast for a little California coastal interlude in the video for their new song, appropriately titled “San Luis Obispo.” The tune is from the Portland, Ore., transplants’ upcoming album, “Wild Pack,” which is due Oct. 29 on Mama Bird Recording Co.

It’s a sunny, cheery video for a song that is among the band’s most accomplished tunes yet. The writing is crisper, the arrangement tighter and the overall feel is more distinctly their own than on their earlier material, which didn’t always stand out from the folk-rock pack. (Also, nice job getting a Miller High Life and a PBR into the press photo above.)

“Wild Pack” is available for pre-order on the band’s website, and, after a handful of solo gigs in Alaska this week, they head out on tour with the Head and the Heart starting Oct. 21 in Asheville, N.C.

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